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Westerrn Cape Honeybush Tea

Your health is our wealth

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Westerrn Cape Honeybush Tea

How We Got Here

We call it – WCHT Co-operative

You are probably sitting here wondering what, how and why?

Well, let’s take a few steps back to the very beginning.

WCHT was registered in 2016.  In March 2021, the lease to the farm was signed and since then it has been about getting the farm up and running. The 12-year overgrown channel/furrows were cleared and the irrigation system was established. Soil preparation was conducted, wheat was planted, alien vegetation had to be cleared, fences were fixed and a whole lot more was done.

WCHT co-operative consists of joint venture partners. The partners came together and set a few goals or visions they have in mind for the farm and the adjacent resort to flourish...

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